Here at Heritage, we believe in reaching out to our community with the Gospel and the Love of God.  Almost every week of the year we are entering our community and telling people about our church, giving people a ride to church, or sharing the Gospel of God’s love to all.  If you are interested in any of these services – you would like a visit or a ride to church – or if you would like to participate with us, please contact the office today.

Every Wednesday of the school year, our teens meet at 4:00 pm at the church to do visitation.  They go out with Pastor Jesse and do surveys of the community and invite people to church.  They are supervised until the evening service at 7:00.

My church outreach is an opportunity for adults and families to minister to our community together. There are opportunities to make one on one visits, pass out flyers, or pray with a group at the church. We also have regular Love Works activities where we go into our community and show the love of God in practical ways.  For dates and times, see the church calendar.  Join us as we spread the gospel together.

Each Sunday our buses pick up people from various parts of Barrie and bring them to church.  Would you like a ride?  Our friendly staff would be happy to bring you to church and back home again.  Call today for more information!