Philosophy & Purpose


Heritage Christian Academy is a ministry of Heritage Baptist Church, and our purpose is to fulfill the Scriptural admonition by teaching the ways of the Lord to our children, as found in Deuteronomy 6:6-9. We view the instruction given in the school as an extension and support of that which is received in the home.  It is our conviction that the education of children was given by God to the home and to the church.  It is our goal to provide a Biblical and God-centred view of life and foundation for the future.


The two-fold purpose of Heritage Christian Academy is to first offer and provide a Christian Education to the children of parents from Heritage Baptist Church who desire this for their children. This does not mean parents must be members of Heritage Baptist Church, however parents must understand that Heritage Christian Academy (first of all) is a ministry of the church and thus governed by Heritage Baptist Church. The second purpose of Heritage Christian Academy is to train up Christian workers. This does not mean our goal for any one student is that he/she enter the full-time Christian ministry. It does, however, mean our goal is for students to be effective workers within their own local church while they are in school and after their graduation. We strive to give our students the best education possible in the accomplishment of these goals.