Financial Policy

At the time of Registration, all fees for the previous year must be paid in full.  An automatic pre-authorized withdrawal will be accepted for Tuition, as per payment schedule of your choice (10 month or 12 month).  Tuition must be paid up front or by pre-authorized withdrawal at time of registration.

Heritage Christian Academy is endeavoring to keep low tuition rates for the benefit of each parent.For that reason we will be participating in some fund-raising programs. Each student will be required to be involved in these endeavors. Failure to meet the minimum level of fund-raising will result in amount of the short coming being added to the school bill.

TESTING OF NEW STUDENTS: Any testing of students requested by parents or Heritage Christian Academy staff will require a fee of $35.00.

REGISTRATION FEE: (all students)

Kindergarten to Grade 12 . . . . . . . . . $250.00

Late registration fee is an additional $100.00 after May 31st.

Tuition Fees HBC Attendees See Note Below
First Child $3,000.00 per year $3,900.00 per year (Suggested Donation + Tuition)
Second Child $2,100.00 per year $3,000.00 per year (Suggested Donation + Tuition)
Third Child $1,600.00 per year $2,500.00 per year (Suggested Donation + Tuition)
Fourth Child Free $900.00 per year (Suggested Donation)
3 Day Kindergarten $2,000.00 $2,900.00 per year (Suggested Donation + Tuition)

 NOTE: Suggested Donation: (For those who do not regularly attend the services of H.B.C.)

Heritage Baptist Church helps finance the school by providing facilities and paying for all maintenance related expenses (such as cleaning, facilities, heat, hydro, paper supplies etc.). For families who do not regularly attend the church or who do not regularly contribute to these expenses, we suggest that you make a donation to help off-set the difference in what it takes to educate your child(ren) and what you actually pay in tuition. A recommended amount for that donation is $900 per student per year. Any donation, above the tuition fee is eligible for a tax receipt.