Diploma / Grade Equivalency

Although we try to follow closely the Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines, we do not offer the Ontario Secondary School Credits or Diploma.  Instead we offer our own Graduation Diploma.  Students transferring out of HCA to other public or private schools have experienced no difficulty having their credits transferred and accepted as ‘equivalency’ credits towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Our academic program is different from most schools, in that it is distinctly Christian in character.   When students finish grade school, we expect they will be prepared to enter Junior High and upon finishing Junior High, that they will be prepared to enter High School.  Children transferring out of HCA should be able to enter their grade equivalent in public or private schools.  Children entering HCA from another institution will need to be tested to see if they are able to function at our grade levels.  Sometimes students transferring in from the public system to HCA find they need to do extra work to catch up with the rest of the class, or in some cases need to be put back a grade to learn the foundational building blocks needed to continue their education.

Our goals in education are both academic and spiritual. We are not just teaching facts and figures, but principles and morals. It is important for students to learn how to live, and not just how to make a living.

The School administers the Canadian Achievement Test to students annually in grades 2-12.  This helps us to chart the progress of each student as they move through the grades. From time to time, external consultants are asked to review the school to evaluate areas of weakness and strength.  This also helps us identify areas of possible improvement.