Heritage Christian Academy operates a full range of grades from Jr. Kindergarten through grade 12.  The academic program is challenging and Christian based.  There are two grades taught by each teacher and a full time teacher’s helper is also available to assist students who may need extra attention.  We believe that every student has great value and it is our goal to help students do their best and develop their individual skills and abilities.

Heritage Christian Academy is a ministry Heritage Baptist Church.  The purpose is to fulfill the Scriptural admonition to teach the ways of the Lord to our Children (Deut. 6:6-9). We view the instruction given in the school as an extension and support of that received in the home. It is our conviction that education of children was given by God to the home and to the church.   It is our goal to provide to provide a Biblical and God centered view of life and help to build a foundation for the future.

We have a set curriculum which is taught each year in all grades. The primary curriculum used is A Beka, a Christian based course of study used in thousands of schools in North America.  In High School, many different curriculums are used (A Beka, Bob Jones, and many Trillium listed courses as well).  Some courses are not taught annually, but all the necessary credits are covered during the high school years.   All courses are teacher taught.   We expect students to have a well-rounded academic training when they finish their studies at HCA.

Our aim is to prepare students for any type of post-secondary training they may choose. We have been training students since 1978.  Although we do not give out an Ontario Secondary School Diploma, we have found that our graduates have always been able to enter the academic institution of their choice upon graduation from HCA.  In fact, many of the major universities in our area have indicated that our students would have no trouble getting into their institutions.